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The Logo, © Michelle Vz, 2008
Author(s) Ginpu
Launch date September 6, 2006
End Date Ongoing
Genre Humor/Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Censor 14 button.png is a webcomic illustrated by Michelle Van Zandt (aka. Karou or Ginpu [1]) and story by Troy Walsh (aka. Phizuol). The first comic was posted in September 6, 2006. Its genre is a mix of science fiction, fantasy and comedy.

Due to the passing away of the artist's full time job, the comic is now updating 3 times a week, as of November 10, 2008. Monday - Wednesday - Friday.

Currently, the author is picking the comic back up where she left off. There was a few months of missing muse, but she is getting back on track.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

The comic first began without a particular theme.[2] The comic's main plot started from the October 13th, 2006 comic, revolving around a character named Kit and her story about the events from her past, and about 'he'.

15 years ago from the story's current settings, Kit awoke in a hospital, covered up in bloody bandages. She was also suffering from retrograde amnesia, unable to recall events prior to that time. She was then approached and informed by a man named Kaeru (who presumably is a doctor, but that is only from the scene's evidences[3]) that she had been found severely wounded when found.

Though Kit safely recovered after a time, her mind never recovered completely.[4] Though Kaeru took care of her, she still had desires to find out about her past. She sneaked into his office and the files there said she was a test subject.

When Kit asked Kaeru once again about her past, a fight ensued, which would have ended Kaeru's life if his assistants hadn't come to his aid. Kaeru continued to look for Kit, and as Kit said, he was near now. His two assistants were already on their way to find Kit.

Then, in the June 29th 2007 comic, Kaeru finally found Kit.[5]

The main story went on a hiatus for a few months following a missing muse of the artist.[6]

While away from the main story line, the artist tried her hand at a short story of her regular routine morning.[7] She tried her hand at being funny.[8] She even made a little side story of creatures she calls Galopagusy.[9]

After requests for the continuation of the main story, the artist started scripting the next parts of the comic and posted a comic re-introducing the characters on March 21, 2008.[10] The weeks that follow are biographies and snippets of info on each of the existing characters in the story. Kit, Taka, Kaori, Morgan, Kiera, Daichi and Kaeru.

At the close of the script, a new character, the ace Kaeru was keeping hidden was unveiled. Kaeru had created a daughter, Pori, through scientific means. The next section of comic focuses mainly on Kaeru and his company. Before going onto the next section, which is a flashback on Kaeru and Morgan.

On November 7th, 2008, Michelle, the artist was released from her full time job of nearly 5 years. On November 10th, 2008, she began updating three times a week.[11]

Throughout the comic there have been some fillers and guest strips which are all located by simply checking through the archives section.



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