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Ginkaze is a furry artist from Germany. His fursona is a silver-furred anthropomorphic giant cheetah.


Ginkaze is a digitigrade, muscular giant cheetah-morph, around 2 meters/6'7" tall. His main fur color is silver, but he's also spotted like a normal cheetah. Only his muzzle, belly, tail-tip and biceps are clear and white. Ginkaze is also endowed with even, long, silver but unspotted hair on his head. His eyes have a slightly brighter silver coloration than his main fur, and his claws are white.

Ginkaze wears lots of adornment:

  • 2 earrings in his left ear; the upper one is made of gold, the other beneath is silver
  • a broad, golden neckband
  • a thick, golden ring on his left upper arm, above the biceps
  • 2 golden wristbands
  • 2 broad, black thigh-bands with silver fasteners


Since 2005 he has concentrated on digital artworks featuring his own characters and videogame-characters. The main attribute of the drawn characters is, that they are very muscular and defined, mostly nude anthros. But if it's wished he does commissions without these properties.

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