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GingerM is a relative newcomer to furry fandom. She is an aspiring writer whose current project is set in Bernard Doove's Chakat universe, and who is starting to write on Fur Affinity. She also enjoys role-playing in various forms.


Her main fursona is Rhiannon, an umamusume (a form of anthro horse similar to neko in that the body is primarily human with superficial equine characteristics and behaviours). Originally created in 2009 to be the lead character for stories about a race of horse morphs in the Chakat universe, Rhiannon has since come to be Ginger's alter ego for writing and art.


GingerM has also been active in Second Life since 2009, although she changed accounts in 2010 and is now under the name of her main character. She can also be found on Fur Affinity, SoFurry, Weasyl, and Hentai Foundry under the name "GingerM"; and on Flickr under the name of her main character, Rhiannon.

Real life[edit]

Ginger does not consider herself a furry, Otherkin or therian, but greatly enjoys playing in the furry community when her employment allows.

She has a technical background in electrical and electronic control systems and finds furry fandom a welcome escape from her work.


In addition to Rhiannon, Ginger has several other characters: Sh'sthress, a digitigrade female anthro lizard created in September 2011 after she impulsively bought an adoptable, and Isra Malai, a digitigrade female anthro cat with largely Siamese-like markings, after she won a colouring contest on Fur Affinity in January 2012. She also has Zasiphoriel, a shemale succubus; Nyara'a vel Rapala, a female Draenei character set in the Star Wars universe; Nike, an aeromorph Avro CF-105 Arrow; and most recently, Perseus, a digitigrade male anthro mer-fox.


Screen cap of Rhiannon by hir player.

Rhiannon is an Appaloosa-patterned, hermaphroditic umamusume. Primarily human in appearance, sensitive equine ears protrude through hir auburn hair and shi proudly sports a long silky tail of matching colour. Leaf-green eyes, usually brimming with laughter and a zest for living, contemplate the world from a pixe-like countenance. Overall, hir skin is covered with a fine coat of horse hair, predominantly chestnut with light beige 'paint' on hir arms and legs. Hir skin darkens to charcoal around hir genitalia.


Rhiannon's race was created by retroviral genetic engineering of kidnapped humans. Their creators sought to produce a race of beings to be exploited in gladiatorial arena combat culminating not in the death of the loser, but a frenzied display of sexual domination. As a result, every one of these created creatures, dubbed 'Eponids', was made a hermaphrodite and subjected to brutal psychological conditioning and drugs, intended to erase their memories and identity and warp them into violent fighting machines, easily roused to lust and ready to perform the most depraved acts to satisfy the sick fantasies of their owners. This conditioning included a deeply-rooted, pain-inflicted aversion to speaking, so much so that an outsider would think they are mutes, in order to prevent them from easily communicating with each other.

Still possessed of their intelligence and aware that they are enslaved, they are controlled by surgically-implanted devices, including stimulators in the pleasure and pain centers of their brains, and a small explosive charge in their necks, intended to to kill them if they should prove a threat to their owners. These devices are controlled by a collar, and the collar in turn is controlled by a remote held by the owner who can, at whim, inflict pain or pleasure or kill the Eponid. The collars also contain a GPS tracker and a small speaker so the owner can pass orders to their slaves during combat.

So far as Rhiannon knows, shi has never had a childhood or a home; hir life has consisted entirely of hir 'stable'; hir sister Eponids owned by a human they know only as 'Master'. Shi is one of the most successful fighters in the stable, having triumphed over the great majority of hir opponents. Shi also witnessed the casual murder of one of hir stable mates who lost a fight and thereby made their master lose a bet. As a result, Rhiannon hates hir Master with a bone-deep fury tempered only by the knowledge that to act on it would mean hir immediate death.

Hir life, and hir story begins at the point when Fortune intervened. Shi and two others of hir stable were being transported cross-country between fights. On a lonely stretch of highway, the truck went off the road and overturned. Hir two stablemates were killed in the wreck, as were the handler and driver. Shi was injured and hir collar's battery damaged so severely that it no longer broadcast a tracking signal. Shi seized the opportunity to escape from the wreck and fled.


Rhiannon is quite shy and nervous around people shi doesn't know. Shi has an almost pathological fear of physical intimacy because shi is afraid it may trigger hir conditioning when shi was a fighting & sex slave, which was either extreme satyriasis and dominance if shi was victorious or extreme nymphomania and submission if she was beaten. Shi prefers large open spaces; small places with only one way in or out shi equates to hir stall when shi was a slave, and thus a trap. To those whom shi knows and trusts, shi is friendly and caring, but even then shi can endure very little in the way of hugs or other touching. Nevertheless, shi enjoys being free and and is determined to overcome the conditioning shi underwent and to claim hir life as hir own.

Rhiannon at the beach by hir player.


Because of hir conditioning, shi prefers to be nude rather than clothed, so when shi dresses, shi wears as little as possible and goes barefoot if at all practical. Hir favourite colour is blue in just about any shade from sky to navy. Hir only jewelery is three plain gold rings worn at the base of hir tail, acquired since hir escape.

Character Reference & Information[edit]

Second Life[edit]

Rhiannon can be found there under the SL name of Rhiannon Tamerlane. As portrayed in Second Life, shi is past most of the events of hir story of escape, and has settled down on a small homestead, having come to appreciate that the best revenge is a life well-lived.


Sh'sthress is a petite (4 ft 10 in), digitigrade female anthro lizard. Her exact species is undefined; indeed, she might be a mix. If so, one element of her make-up likely includes velociraptor as evidenced by her hind feet. She likely incorporates some species of venomous snake in her genetic mix as well, since she also has fangs similar to a cobra's and is able to inject a powerful neurotoxin when she bites. She is scaled all over, in lemon-and-gold scales over her breasts and belly, under her arms and inside of her thighs, and under her tail. The rest of her scales are a bright, vibrant green, and a pattern of dark, forest green spots runs from her snout up between her huge, liquid-gold eyes, over the top of her skull, down her back and along to the end of her tail. She has a shaggy mop of auburn hair which falls to the middle of her back.


Sh'sthress was rescued from a carnival, where she featured in the 'freak show'. Abandoned by her family at a very young age, she had been taken up by the freak show and put on display, billed as "Dino-Girl." Being of a shy and compliant disposition, she was unhappy but considered that she 'owed' the operators of the carnival. Because of her rescuer's intervention, the carnival operators were convinced to let her go, and she transferred her focus to her rescuer.


She is shy and submissive, yet fiercely protective of those whom she loves.

Character Reference & Information[edit]

Reference sheet, NSFW, also by Demona.

Isra Malai[edit]

Isra Malai is a digitigrade female anthro teen-aged cat. By her markings, she is almost completely pure Siamese, except that her markings are not correct. She stands 5 ft 7-1/2 inches (and she insists on the half inch) in her bare feet. Like many other anthro cats, she has an unruly mop of latte-blonde hair, with one prominent lock dyed red. Though she isn't from Thailand, her names are both Thai; Isra meaning 'nocturnal journey' and Malai meaning 'garland of flowers'.


She's sassy, irreverent, 'in your face'; combine the typical independent streak of any cat with typical teen bravado and add a dash of rebellion. However, when she chooses to, she can be very cool, composed, haughty and regal.


She favours a denim skirt, usually to just below mid-thigh; brilliant, rainbow-hued stockings; and any one of several MLP t-shirts. Her prize wardrobe item, though, is an ancient, decrepit and ratty old WWII-vintage British Army battledress jacket that she found in a thrift store.

Character Reference & Information[edit]

Reference sheet, NSFW by Fc32


Nike is not, strictly speaking, a furry character, but is rather an aeromorph, specifically, an Avro CF-105 Arrow, fuselage number RL-207. She is 'the one that got away' in 1959. In 'feral' or aircraft form, she looks exactly like the other six Avro Arrows that were destroyed, wearing the same white-and-black paint scheme as RL-201 but with the addition of a gold winged sword on either side of her fuselage just forward of her intakes. In morph form, that winged sword emblem migrates to her right and left shoulders.


Nike is a warplane, and consequently has a very direct and focussed view of the world. She was designed and created during the Cold War in the 1950s and views Russian aircraft and people with deep suspicion. She considers their aircraft her natural prey; she is, after all, an interceptor. That said, over the course of a long life, she has mellowed and matured, and does not go off half-cocked. Her attitude now is watchful but respectful.


In feral form, her attire is her paint scheme, and she appears mainly in the classic, 1950s vintage black-on-white paint, with coloured RCAF roundels on her wings and the sides of her intakes. She has on occasion donned the modern grey-on-grey of today's RCAF, and once worn the brilliant white-over-red of Canada's famed "Snowbirds".

In aeromorph form, she either wears the pre-unification RCAF 'crabfat' blue uniform with her then rank of Flight Lieutenant, in which case her skin will be coloured as for the 1950s paint patterns, or in modern RCAF uniform with the honourary rank of Brigadier-General and her skin will be the modern grey-on-grey.


Zasiphoriel is a shemale demoness; whether she should be considered an incubus or a succubus is open to debate. Though able to change her height, sex - in fact, any aspect of her appearance - as a matter of course, she greatly prefers to remain in demonic shemale form, all 8 ft 4 inches of her (not including horns). She resides in one of the endless planes of Hell, where she spends her time punishing evildoers, particularly those who prey on the weak. Since she is inhumanly strong, she is well equipped to give such predators a taste of their own medicine and greatly enjoys doing so.


Zasi is not a nice person at all. Cruel, vengeful, sadistic... and these are her good points. She is driven by her lusts - for power, for domination, for control, for sex. She takes what she wants, when she wants it and how she wants it, with a complete disregard for anyone else's desires - indeed, she does not recognize that mortals even have desires; they are simply playthings for her amusement. She also doesn't recognize immortals either, except for those few strong enough to impose their desires on her. She is not inherently dishonest or unreliable, but any deals or bargains must be made with the realization that she will always act to satisfy her interests, desires and wants, no matter what agreements or promises she makes.


Zasi actually has quite good fashion sense, once one allows for the fact that she has a very twisted worldview. The one invariable item of her wardrobe is a pair of silver nipple spikes joined by a slim chain; all else will vary. Typically, though, she favours black, form-fitting, revealing outfits, usually featuring leather and more spikes. High-heeled thigh boots are very often a key element of her daily wear.

Character Reference & Information[edit]

Reference sheet, NSFW by GingerM, composited from Second Life screen captures. This is temporary until a proper reference sheet has been commissioned.

Nyara'a vel Rapala[edit]

Nyara'a is a character from a remix of World of Warcraft and Star Wars. Specifically, she is a female Draenei Sith apprentice, and not a very good one. Nevertheless, though her skills are not strong at all, it seems that at a subconscious level she can manipulate the Force to get her out of the fixes she keeps getting into, though very rarely with personal property intact. In fact, the only constant possession she has is her lightsaber.


Perseus is a digitigrade male mer-fox (Vulpes aquatica sapiens). Mer-foxes are aquatic foxes that bear a primary resemblance to arctic foxes. However, their fur is shorter, forming an almost otter-like pelt. Their handpaws and footpaws are noticeably elongated, though not grotesquely so, and the digits are webbed as far as the first knuckle. They are amphibious, breathing through gills set on the sternum just below the collarbone when swimming underwater. They also have an inner eyelid which protected their eyes and corrects for refraction errors when seeing underwater.


Perseus is an island boy, living on one of the smaller island off Oahu. Relaxed and mild-mannered, he sees no reason to get stressed over pretty much anything; tomorrow will take care of itself. He is friendly to pretty much everyone and if someone is rude or overbearing to him, he just shrugs it off; it's not worth getting worked up over. That said, he maintains a certain reserve; he will only unburden himself or completely trust very close friends, family or lovers. He loves swimming and diving, of course, and other water-based activities; he's very skilled in canoes, skiffs, dingys, small sailboats, etc.


Most of the time Perseus wears nothing but board shorts; because of his gills he prefers to be topless. However, on occasions when a shirt is called for, he favours lightweight silk shirts, usually worn open. Shorts and shirts are always chosen to be colourful and typically with floral or ocean motifs. When swimming, he will have a diver's knife strapped to one leg. He always - even if wearing nothing else - wears a hei matau on a braided bracelet on his right wrist.

Character Reference & Information[edit]

Reference sheet, NSFW by GingerM, composited from Second Life screen captures. This is temporary until a proper reference sheet has been commissioned.

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