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Starscream (born 1983) is loosely associated with the furry fandom. He joined in early 2006 as the weretiger Reizar, and produced the talk radio show Mediaphilia for Jaie Productions' FBC internet radio station. Following the show's closure he began calling himself Ghostwalker, not to be confused with the Florida musician of the same name. In this mode his avatar was an ivory colored Great Dragon with pale blue highlights, who constantly surrounded himself with an army of spirits.

He left the fandom in late 2009, citing a paradigm shift as well as lack of contact with other furs and general disconnection from the fandom as his reason. In late 2012 he began re-acquainting himself with certain members within the fandom, and became associated with the community, though no announcement of an official re-joining has been made. Currently he lists his official alias as Starscream.


Despite re-affiliating himself with the fandom, Starscream continues to maintain an avatar as a digital representation of himself, instead of the more common Fursona. This avatar has changed upon his reemergence, having darkened to pitch-black and lacking the ice-generating ability and spectral army of his previous mode. He has also added organic phosphine glands, which can propel bolts of irridescent blue fire that explode on impact, and is able to teleport by manipulating time, which also enables him to look through time or move outside of it entirely. Along his body are what appear to be shallow fissures, from which shines a soft, bluish, otherwordly light. The membrane of his wings is a translucent blue color.

In human form, he appears as a tall, olive-skinned man with long, dark hair. He is dressed in either an impeccable black suit and silver tie, or black combat gear, depending on the situation.

Personal Life, Music[edit]

The person behind the dragon is an avid gamer and musician. Currently he is involved in an experimental death metal band called Maniacal in Thought. He also produces music on the side . Previously he had played in the bands I'll Tell You Later (Cover band), Psychosis (Self-Titled EP), and Neural Implosion (Southern Gore-Grind EP, Galactic Cannibalism EP), and worked with a former roommate on a project called Solaris Severed (Cruel and Unusual People, Turkey is for Stoners). After moving to New York the project was re-launched under the name Fractured Halo, which is currently working on its first album, Random Thought Mutations, which will feature live guitars and vocals by both Starscream and Maniacal in Thought vocalist Sue-Beast.

In his activities both on-line and off, he also uses the aliases Tag, Zero, and L.