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Get Fuzzy is an online and print comic by Darby Conley that depicts the antics of Bucky Katt, Satchel Pooch, and their owner, Rob Wilco. Bucky is a realist misanthrope with a biting sense of humor. The somewhat dim-witted Satchel often bears the brunt of Bucky's jokes and is the victim of his schemes. However, their relationship is balanced out somewhat by Satchel's comicly stinging one-liners. Oddly, Satchel rarely seems to understand just how funny these are, even as he says them. Bucky and Satchel's human keeper, Rob, plays the straight man in this comic trio. He is a rugby loving sports fan with a bad back who must always keep an eye out to make sure that Bucky's schemes don't go too far, and that poor Satchel isn't sucked too far into them. The characters and plotlines mimic the comic Garfield, but the humor is much less kid friendly.

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