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Gerald Perkins (also known as Jerry) was a greymuzzle artist and writer who started as a science fiction fan before becoming acquainted with the furry fandom.

Apart of being an accomplished writer, he was an avid photographer, with one of the best records of west coast masquerades, and likely the best photographic archive of fursuits to date.[citation needed] He also produced the first known detailed survey of the furry subculture.[citation needed]

Furry writings[edit]

He was commissioned by his close friends Edd Vick and Chuck Melville to create some stories based on the Furkindred universe anthologies (featuring his character Ironhand.) His writing works appeared on almost all know art or writing publication on the fandom, such as Furversion, Yarf!, Mythagoras, Tales of the Tai-Pan Universe, etc, and smaller publications such as Steam Victorian, Alternate Realms, and others.

Professional writings[edit]

Gerald's work was starting to find wider distribution in a number of science fiction and fantasy magazines and anthologies, including a pair of stories for the Sword and Sorceress series, and in Aboriginal (SF). At the time of his death he was working on a new story for Sword and Sorceress, and on a novel, DEA, written with fellow artist and writer Baron Engel.

He was Guest of Honor at the 2001's Silicon, a recent member of the Whensday writers group, and a long-time BayCon attendee, occasional staff member and program participant.

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