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Georgey Horsey was a talking cartoon horse created by cartoonist Jeffrey H. Wood. He starred in a short series of four digest-size fanzines with "many many" contributors, published from 1983-1987 by Pseudo Comics (Seattle, WA). The initial print run was estimated at twenty copies, but multiple reprints and revisions followed.

Georgey was set in moderately "real" settings, such as pastures and barns, but was often embroiled in strange adventures (aliens invading the planet, evil rock stars turning the neighborhood children into rock 'n roll zombies, road races with snooty anthropomorphic import sports cars).

Georgey's owner was Elena, a teenage country girl, and his best friend was MetalHorse, a robotic pony created by a local gadgetmonger.

The original inspiration for the character was derived from a stuffed animal belonging to the artist's younger sister, and later the character was featured in a series of teaching aides for a 4th grade classroom.

According to the author, "Georgey Horsey was my first attempt at a graphic continuity (comics-style) story. Hopefully, the reader will note some improvement in my style since that time."

The character was originally named George the Horse, but was renamed to avoid confusion with Arn Saba's Neil the Horse.

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