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Genki is the artist name for Joey Pledger, a songwriter, producer, and musician/dj in the mainstream/professional club circuit. His sets include turntablism, scratching and storybook track selection through seamless mixes. He has been in the DJ business for 13 years and an avid club goer during the beginning days of Hardcore music, having quite a lengthy resume of appearances at large venues across the globe over more than a decade. Arguably the most well known and requested dj of the furry fandom, Genki has played at many major convention dances, as well as mainstream dj sets outside of furry in North American, South America, UK, and Asia. Mostly known in the club circuit for his original, trancy-hardcore sound, he has originated a style that has caught on and made his name known to thousands of people worldwide.

Some releases include Candy Store (1997), In a Blue Forest (1997), Divinchi Code (1999), The Enigma (2001), Neverland (2004), "Walking Between Worlds" (2005), "Live on 92.9 FM" "Leave Your World Behind (2008) and Dream Language (2008).

Some appearances include[edit]

Genki can also be heard online at: The Rainbow Tiger, TYF, Hardcore Radio, Lifted Radio, and coming soon Di.Fm)

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