GekkoFyre Networks

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GekkoFyre Networks
GekkoFyre Networks
Author(s) Owner: Phobos D'thorga
Launch date March 14, 2018
End date late 2020
Genre Web-services and hosting

GekkoFyre Networks was a web-services and hosting provider that caters almost exclusively to the furry, otherkin and therian communities. They are a not-for-profit and as such, invest all earnings straight back into the infrastructure and services that they provide according to their company page. The company is led by Phobos D'thorga and is a registered business under Australian law, with an ABN of 76382 705 985. Some of the services provided include fully customizable virtual private servers along with simple hosting and game servers.

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Webhosting offered to the furry community
Open Registration
Restricted Registration
No New Sites
No longer offering hosting
Closed or defunct