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Geeking Lemur, Born December 1985, is a fictional, satirical character for the furry movie review site, Furry Entertainment Network (also known as FEN).


Originally conceived as a joke and spoof of the entire furry fandom, he soon became the center piece of the Furry Entertainment Network's starting roster.

Geeking Lemur is voiced by Tobias J. Locke, and is described as a whiny troll who doesn't seem to notice that everything he's doing epitomizes the dark underbelly of the fandom that most furries don't really want to talk about.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Furry Conversion Reviews[edit]

Geeking Lemur has expressed an interest in all forms of media, but to date has only seen fit to review movies. Geeking Lemur insists with every fiber of his being that he is not in any way, shape, or form, a furry. In his own words:

Furry Entertainment Network
It's not my fault I was born an anthro!
Furry Entertainment Network

And as such he feels the need to warn other non-furries about all sorts of media that stand any chance of converting someone to their "sick, twisted fetishes," without seeming to realize that furries would be the target audience for the reviews he's done.

All of Geeking Lemur's reviews start with some form of monologue degrading a specific area of the furry fandom, usually to an extreme degree. At the end of all of his reviews, he tallies up "points" that he's made, and rates the movie on a scale of "1-10" where 1 is "boring" and 10 will convert you to being a furry without any questions asked.

While he has set down some specific rules for this rating system, it's unclear if he actually follows it.

Extended family[edit]

Some of Geeking Lemur's extended family have been added in to the reviews ever since Episode 2.

  • Reggie - A black, questionably psychotic lemur serves as Geeking Lemur's random, and off the wall, cousin. He tries to be dark and brooding, but the fake voice he uses only makes him come off as silly. Reggie is also voiced by Tobias Locke, who says Reggie's voice "hurts".
  • Lemur's Mom - An older lemur with a thick almost-jewish accent.

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