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The title of this article is incorrect due to technical limitations. The correct title is #gayfaggotinc.

#gayfaggotinc (JoshuaWoulf, creator. Kasai and Auddwaggin, cofounders) was an IRC channel on Anthrochat, created for the behavioral purpose of mocking, ridiculing, and/or trolling the furry fandom at large.


Initially a LiveJournal community (Fall 2004 to July 2005,) it was recreated on the Anthrochat IRC network after the LJ community was deleted by Joshua Woulf himself, and its presently under the loving care of the zombie grey dragon, Auddwaggin. Its composition, people wise, consists of a mix of furs, nonfurs and anti-furries, and they best describe themselves as thus:

For the most part, we are an awesome ANYTHING GOES community. Most of all(, we) just have fun, do stupid shit (the good kind) and remember that it's okay to be a gay faggot, but not a jerk. >:3 WE'RE AWFULLER THAN SOMETHING. - Unknown

Beyond Gayfaggotinc[edit]

By November 2005, several Livejournals have on taken the title of the new "incarnation" (or "version 2.0") of the LJ form of Gayfaggotinc:


Around February 2006, Aotommo had effectively shutdown the Gayfaggotinc IRC channel, by taking over and banning all access to it. A message instructed all Gayfaggotinc users to access the #saladtongs IRC channel instead from now on.

This event is best understood as the death of Gayfaggotinc, as well as the intentional divorce of the saladtongs IRC members, by themselves, from the rest of the people who had once been part of Gayfaggotinc.

Saladtongs does not consider itself affiliated any longer with the now-defunct remains of Gayfaggotinc.

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