Gay Forest Inn

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Commonly known as [GFI] or "[G.F.I.]" (full name Gay Forest Inn), is a dream located on Furcadia that is open to a variety of different people, from gay furries, straight furries, bisexual furries and transgender furries. Being an adult only dream, it allows casual public yiffing anywhere within the dream.


Gay Forest Inn's original creator still remains unclear, presumably being Mith. It eventually fell upon the lap of Aidyn, who redesigned the map to his own liking, that remained the dream's owner and head of staff until the eventual release of ownership and was turned over to Arson who redesigned the map once more.

Brief Timeline of GFI:

  • Furcadia: 2001 - 2002 - Owned by Mith
  • Furcadia: 2002 - 2009 - Owned by Aidyn
  • Furcadia: 2009 - present - Owned by Arson

Rules and Highlights[edit]

Although the dream remains less populated as of late, it still stand. Staff are generally friendly to all visitors who pay a visit, all are welcome whether they be of any sexual orientation or gender.


GFI is currently hiring a variety of different staff members to entertain, even socialize with our visitors. Currently, it has bartenders and a few dream cuddlers.

Management positions:

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