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Gas-Mask-Dragon is a dragon/hybrid mix, expired (inactive) furry artist, and social furry. Currently located in the northwest US. [Washington and Idaho mostly.]

Also known as Gasmaskdragon Morales on SecondLife. And 'GMD' for short. GMD takes pleasure in giving back to the furry community after discovering it at the tender age of 18 via 2 the Ranting Grypon and his mp3 rant files. Having been a avid admirer of anthropomorphic creatures and characters all their life GMD feels more at home than ever in the furry community after they discovered there was a fandom for their obsession. Their player has more characters and entities than just GMD - however GMD is the main and only publicly known 'fursona', if you will, for their player. For now GMD covers many tasks and duties for the AllFurFun convention located in the Spokane, Washington area.

GMD's userpage. -

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