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GarouMUSH is a roleplaying, text-based MUSH themed around the White Wolf line of World of Darkness storyteller games, with specific focus on the werewolves, the Garou of that world.[1]

  • MUSH server:, port 7000
  • Ran from/to: 1993[1] - present

It came online in 1993 and is one of the oldest World of Darkness MUSHes in existence.[1]


GarouMUSH is set in and around the fictitious city of St. Claire (population approx. 2 million) in Washington State, set at a point where the Columbia River runs roughly north-south, and where US Interstate 90 crosses the river. The city is roughly divided into five sectors, ranging from affluent to deprived.[2]

In this world, "supernatural" characters, such as the Garou, can and do exist alongside humanity. Characters are divided into Garou (the minority), kinfolk (humans related to the Garou, who don't shapeshift), and standard humans.[3]

Character backgrounds[edit]

Since GarouMUSH is a story-based game, players place their focus on character development, rather than on statistics or rules, and skilled writing is relished above all. As a result of this emphasis, GarouMUSH asks that anyone wanting to join submits a detailed and fairly complete background and personality concept for the character they would like to play.[4] A guide to writing character backgrounds is provided on the website.[3]


(list accurate as of September 2, 2010)[5]

  • Nita - God. City & Foils. Totem.
  • Cennoreth - Stories and Plot
  • Hazmat - Wyld, Wyld-stories
  • InleRah - Spirits, Umbra, Talens & Fetishes
  • Rhiannon - Kin and City, City-stories
  • Quidnunc - Spirits, Umbra, Talens & Fetishes
  • Code-Breaker - Code issues
  • Aspen - Site issues

GarouMUSH statistics[edit]

  • Ranked 226th of 1159 worlds statistically.
  • Ranked 8th of 50 in the World of Darkness genre statistically.[6]


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