Ganene Riggles Shopping Complex

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Ganene Riggles Shopping Complex, abbreviated as GRSC, is a Second Life store currently located at the Stonehaven sim. The store is owned by Ganene Riggles.

Products and services[edit]

The store sells avatars (including Pokemon-related ones), furry avatar accessories (including PG-rated furry skins and tails), avatar clothing, plushies, and even artwork done by Ganene herself. Ganene is currently open for custom (PG-rated) furry skin commissions.


  • Stonehaven sim
  • AnthroXtacy
  • FurNation_Alpha
  • Northstar Polaris
  • Pixel Hills (in the Clover Meadows sim)
  • Castle Dark Haven
  • Pokemon Center Yokai (in the Meari sim, owned by Ganene's friend White Platini)
  • Mountain Mall (Blaises rush sim, owned by Ganene's longtime friend Rush Gastel)

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