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gamma-g (born c1980, also known as "みの(Mino)") is a Japanese furry/kemono artist. In 2003 Mino graduated the university.[1]


In 2000 Mino started his website "Wani no Kanzume (ワニの缶詰, Canning of Cayman)" [2]

It is unknown when Mino/gamma started to publish his doujin works on his doujin circle Dragon Heart, however it was at least since 2003.[3]

In 2002 Mino launched the fansite of the Japanese anime on soccer Forza! Hidemaru (フォルツァ!ひでまる) until 2003. [4] Mino also published the gay doujinshi on the anime.[5]

In 2003 gamma designed all characters for doujin ADV Morenatsu becoming the member of the project.

In 2007 Mino started his manga series Built Tiger, as the guest work at joint-doujinshi "Butter Toast" featuring anthromorphic gay tiger, published by Toraya (虎屋) under Himachi (日待). This work became famous and in the same year gamma published the first volume of Bulit Tiger[6]. This series lasted with 11 volumes plus 2 extra volumes until 2015.[7]

In 2008 Mino started his weblog and it may be in this period that he changed his name to gamma-g.[8]

In 2015 gamma-g claimed the piracy and withdrew from Furaffinity and make his account on twitter closed, leaving the message below; "enjoy the doujin among only my local friends (...) Thank you for everything. I will not come back internet for a while. Piracy really turned me off. I'm going to enjoy the doujin among only my local friends. Good bye."[9]

In 2016 gamma-g designed some characters for Tokyo Afterschool Summoners, the new social game for phone (See the article Tokyo Afterschool Summoners).



  • Hitori + Ippiki gurashi (2003, 2011)
  • Built Tiger (Choujuugoukin Built Tiger, 2007~ 2014)
  • Under the Dragon (2011)
  • Inudairu (2012~ 2014)
  • Wolf/ Cow (2013/2014)
  • Bernese Bernese (2013)
  • Dessert is Dragon (2014)
  • Moguraa, not Bulit (ビルドじゃないモグラー, 2016)


  • Tiger Ramune (2011)
  • Bubblegum Bear (2011)
  • Morenatsu Rough Gashu (Sketches, 2013)

Fan Fiction[edit]

  • TTRW! (2011) - Joint-doujinshi featuring scarlies

Forza! Hidemaru[edit]

  • ○○○○ Daisuki (I love ****, 2003)

Final Fantasy Tactics[edit]

  • Futari no Law (Two Law, 2003)


  • Zenith no Ouji-sama (Prince of Zenith, 2010)



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  9. The primary source the writer of this article couldn't find.

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