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Gameslay3r (also known as Jade; born March 5, 1987)[1] is a furry from Bridgeville, Delaware, U.S.A.[1] Gameslay3r's fursona is a Griffinux or Griffin mix. He stands 5'6" tall, and weighs 158 pounds.


Gameslay3r is an Infantry Marine and (as of November, 2008) is stationed in Hawaii. He has served in Iraq twice. For fun, he enjoys drawing, writing, surfing, working on his car, the internet, and listening to music. He considers himself a hardcore gamer, and enjoys many different video games.

Gamesly3r's interests also include the furry fandom, his friends and family, conventions, art, music, raving, Dungeons & Dragons, RPGs, and rifles.


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