Gamer Den

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Gamer Den
Author(s) Moderated by Kao Tigris, Vanix Lionheart, Joe Neolion, tuddy, Lelric, Indigo Fox, Teeth, Kemosabe, Angelic
Status Active
Launch date July 2016
Genre Video Games and Culture

Gamer Den is a Telegram group[1] aimed at giving the furry community a safe-for-work environment in which to discuss video games and gaming culture.

As of May 2021, the group has 840+ members and is the #1 safe-for-work group on the Telegram Furlist rankings.

You can join Gamer Den using this invite link.


In July of 2016, Gamer Den was founded to fill a niche left by similar gaming-oriented groups that either had an insufficient number of moderators or allowed not-safe-for-work content to be posted.


The current moderator team consists of both original members that were part of the group's creation and others who have joined since.



Gamer Den #rules

Consider these rules a guideline. The admins can still act based on their own will depending on the situation.

New users are vetted before they're able to post media, this is to avoid malicious bots or users. If you can't post media after 24 hours, contact an admin for help.

If you have questions or concerns, message @zzKao or @Vanix_Lionheart

1. This is a SFW chat. Don't be lewd or suggestive and don't solicit other people. If you think your post might be considered NSFW, you probably shouldn't post it. 1.1. Please keep a SFW profile picture.

2. Please keep shitposting to an absolute minimum.

3. Don’t spam.

4. Don't be rude, don't troll or bait. Any kind of harassment is not tolerated. 4.1. Please refrain from using slurs or derogatory terms during conversation regardless of the context.

5. No politics or religion. This includes social politics and similar topics.

6. Don’t bring in outside drama or encourage drama.

7. Unless posting a link to your stream, don't advertise without permission from a moderator. Soliciting for money is not allowed and will result in a ban.

8. Discussion about piracy is fine but you are not allowed to share any material of that nature. 8.1. If you want to share a song or other content please post a publicly available link to it (Youtube, Spotify, itch, Github, etc) instead of uploading the file to the group.