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A game room, less commonly known in furry venues as a recreational room, is a location set aside at a convention dedicated to games for registered attendees to play during regular operating hours of the convention.

Types of games offered[edit]

Tabletop games are frequent in these rooms. In addition to games played on a normal table, recreation rooms sometimes include custom standup game tables (i.e. ping pong).

Other games include dart boards and arcade games such as pinball and video games, video game consoles (home consoles or handheld units), and VR headsets.

Game rooms and furry[edit]

Some game rooms, such as those at Furry Weekend Atlanta, are separated into board game rooms (for board, card or other tabletop games), and video game rooms (which may host arcade machines, video game consoles, and VR games). As with other reserved rooms, attendees must present their conbadges to staff upon entry.

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