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Gadas Gerogin Reymont by railride.

Gadas Gerogin Reymont (born March 18, 1988) is a skunk from Medford, New York, U.S.A.


Gadas the character is genetically modified, and not born naturally. He has two teal swirls on his black-furred cheeks, his hair is a half-and-half mixture of blue and yellow, and between his pectorals is a tuft of teal fur.

Along Gadas' back is a double helix pattern consisting of two white lines going down, and a helix of entwined blue and yellow. This pattern ends and becomes pure white at his lower back, before restarting on his tail and ending at its tip. His eyes are blue.

Also, his skin color is teal as well. Meaning that his nose, his nipples, pawpads, and even naughty bits are teal as well.

Gadas has dual powers. In his usual form. His powers are those of transformation, of matter or energy - even other people or himself. His other form is more mysterious, and some might say evil.

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