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Gab (real name Melissa Douglas; born August 28, 1985)[1] is an artist, writer, and web developer who lives in Murray, Utah, USA. Her fursona is a meerkat.[2]


Gab discovered the furry community in 1997 after seeing Disney’s The Lion King and discovering’s mailing list and chatrooms.[3] From there, she was introduced to the art site Yerf, and to the work of Tracy Butler.

Inspired by Butler’s ability to tell a story, Gab threw herself into her work, determined to "get good" until she was accepted into Yerf’s artistic community.[3] This eventually lead to Gab discovering the Pokemorph MUSH, which she ended up helping to run as a member of staff.

Gab was a guest of honour at ConFuzzled 2013.[3]

Creative works[edit]

Enjoying drawing, Gab does personal commissions, freelance illustrations, and produces a webcomic called Dangerous Cute that updates weekly.[4] In September, 2009, Gab's artwork featured as a banner on Fur Affinity.[5]

Gab's writings tend towards Middle-Grade and Young Adult novels, and the occasional picture book.[4] She runs a writing group that meets weekly to critique manuscripts of varying genres, and she has assisted with the annual Writing & Illustrating for Young Readers conference.


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