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GSPervert is an artist and flash artist in the fandom.

GSPervert has worked on such titles as Genus, Skunkworks, and Tank Vixens. In addition, he also has two titles under his own name, Green Ginger and You Oughta Be In Pictures!. He is best known for drawing every illustration for the entire Tank Vixens Card Game, at least those found in the starter deck. He is also known for producing the "Jedi Concentration" flash game.

GSPervert's style is heavily influenced by comic books, and as such his characters tend to have "superhero" bodies in terms of design and proportion. He is a stickler for anatomy. Most of his female characters are thin and have very large breasts. Almost all of his male characters are well endowed and muscular.

For many years, his signature character was a special-ops bear, Jynx. He has since shifted to the use of a penguin named Nekkie Niceburgs who is a pornstar. He also has a signature male polar bear named Norris Pole who is also a pornstar and originally worked with Nekkie Niceburgs but is now used whenever a handsome studly male is called for.

In recent years, he has collaborated with the writer Roland Guiscard, who has written many stories featuring GSPervert's characters. GSPervert has drawn illustrations for and scenes from some of these stories. He has also edited some of Roland's works.

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