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GRPG is a fantasy-text RPG known as Gryphonic Roleplay or Gryphon Roleplay. GRPG advocates the enjoyment of one roleplayer to another, in a multitude of scenes where two or more characters are of gryphonic origin. There is no specific rule for GRPG other than the obvious fantasy setting.

The term GPRG was coined in 2001 by the notorious Gryphon Lord and has several parts.

Many different sub-groups of GRPG may be indicated on this list. The popular syntax for any sub-group, forum or ring within the realm of GRPG can be properly identified as GRGP:XX where the XX are the initials of that group.

One popular sub-group can be found at GRPG:GG, a large ring of many gryphons who express themself online. The Guild offers many features such as furcodes and links to other Gryphon-related websites.

Another sub-group is GRPG:SE, which that takes place in a secluded beachside forest setting and is ruled by Gryph Sylvr.