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GAIA.NET -or GAIA dot NET- is an acronym for GAlería de Imágenes en ASP .NET -"Image Gallery made in ASP .NET"-. It was a virtual art gallery developed to be the first natively spanish-spoken on his kind.

All the website's code was written by Ahumeniy as a project for Furry Latino's Community.

Because of this, GAIA.NET was a furry-oriented web gallery.

The project started on February 15th 2005 and was cancelled on July 3rd 2005. In that time, a 2.0 version was planned, but it was permanently delayed. That 2.0 version's core was used by Ahumeniy to make GDN, CatValley Industries's propietary data storage system and made FlyCat Home to prove his power.

On December 2005, Ahumeniy anounced GAIA 2.0's release, but he got out of time because of his work for CatValley A.C., his own commercial software company, and his work as an accountant on an industrial company.

GAIA.NET 2.0 was defintively replaced by the GaleriaSimple Project, developed in early 2006.