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Fuzzy Productions, LLC is an Oklahoma limited liability corporation founded in 2009 to oversee the continued production of Oklacon. Oklacon is the first and largest camping furry convention in the United States and is dedicated to fundraising for the charity Safari's Interactive Animal Sanctuary.


OAAA, the predecessor to Fuzzy Productions, was formed in 2003 to produce an annual furry convention. OAAA was formed with a vision to potentially host multiple furry events in addition to an annual convention, though no other sponsored events materialized. OAAA was a federal not-for-profit entity with a charter and bylaws and provided for the annual election of officers who administered the organization. This organizational structure strongly empowered the membership of OAAA with the responsibility to elect officers and approve their decisions, and additionally gave them authority to override their decisions and outst them with enough votes.

Because many decisions required consensus from individuals who could not necessarily convene in person or online at the same time to have a quorum, some of the founding members of OAAA as well as others who had volunteered for the convention for years decided to fold that organization to the benefit of the charity, and they reformed as Fuzzy Productions in a private corporation to expedite decision making and secure the continuation of the convention from the politics OAAA's charter and bylaws inevitably succumbed to between conventions.

Founding members[edit]

Fuzzy Productions was founded with the help of several members of the Oklahoma furry community, all of whom were founders of OAAA or were involved with Oklacon for many years: BlueOtter, Cutepuppy, Horses' Ghost, Pardus, and Wolff. As of August 22, 2013, Daxter and warnndogwere elected by a majority of remaining officers to fulfill the vacancies left by Jared Fox, who resigned after filling the position held by Cutepuppy, and Pardus.