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Fuzzi (born June 21, 1984) is a furry who lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. His fursona is a rabbit.


Fuzzi has been involved in the furry fandom since the 1990s. In 1997, he was the owner of a small PC game company, which happened to be named "Foxbox Software". Fuzzi held a raffle on the FoxBox software page, in which one winner would receive every piece of software Fuzzi ever released. The winner was Timberwolf, a furry from the USA. Being curious, Fuzzi introduced himself and asked some questions about furries, and realised he was not alone in his attraction to anthropomorphic animals.

Fuzzi's original fursona was Fuzzi-Fox, a generic red fox. In 1999, he attended an Ojibwe sweat lodge and, after spending much time talking to an elder, was given the spirit name "Chi Waboose", which translates as "Big Rabbit". Acquiring the nickname "Rabbit", he took on a rabbit fursona and shortened his handle to "Fuzzi" so as not to confuse others.

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