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FuzzWolf's con badge. Art by Terrie Smith.

FuzzWolf (born February 25, 1976[1]) is a writer, publisher and furmeet organizer.

Fandom involvement[edit]

FuzzWolf has been a furry since 1998. His online character is a grey wolf with shoulder-length brown headfur. He is bisexual[2] and has been mated to Teiran, who is also a furry writer, since 2001.[3] They live in Dallas, Texas, U.S.A.[1]


FuzzWolf started writing on an RP-style mailing list in 1999. He then branched out into full stories and wanted to write because some of his favourite kinks were not being covered by other writers. He was thrilled that other people seemed to enjoy the stories he'd written for his own amusement and the supportive comments he received via e-mail spurred him on to write more. He has posted stories to various mailing lists and most can be found online at VCL, Fur Affinity and Yiffstar in addition to his personal website.

Several of FuzzWolf's stories center around two recurring characters — a fox named Trevor and a wolf named Sinclair. Several of these stories appear in Fuzzwolf's first book, Trevor's Tricks.[4]


In 2006, FuzzWolf began to get involved with the publishing of furry comics and magazines by volunteering time with FurNation's publishing business.

Starting with issue 8, FuzzWolf was the editor of FurNation Magazine and had the responsibility of compiling material for each issue and producing the final layout.

He had several stated goals for the magazine, one of which was to get it back onto a regular release schedule. That schedule was two issues per year, one at Anthrocon and one at Further Confusion with the final issue being released at Rocket City FurMeet 2008. FuzzWolf also changed the lineup of material slightly by dropping the comic requirement from 4 to 3 and adding a featured artist gallery instead.

Some new aspects introduced were the magazine's first lesbian story by Kadath and the magazine's first collaborative cover with issue 9 by Grrrwolf and David Lillie.


As of February 2008, FuzzWolf purchased the FurPlanet publishing and printing business previously operated by Nexxus as part of FurNation.[5]


In February 2008, FuzzWolf also dived into the world of podcasting. He is part of a cast of four who star in a furry-themed sex questions and relationship advice podcast called KnotCast.[6] The show led to his invitation as a guest of honor (with fellow cast-member Savrin) to FOXmas 2009 before the event's cancellation.[7] In 2010 he started a second show called WhoFurs with Tealfox as his co-host.[8] WhoFurs is a discussion show about new episodes of Doctor Who.


FuzzWolf is also recognized as an organizer of furmeets for local groups he has been a part of. He is a founding member of the Jacksonville Furs and implemented the weekly furmeets at local malls and the Annual JaxFurs Spring Picnic, both of which have helped the JaxFurs become one of the most active groups of Florida Furs. Some older members of the JaxFurs call him their Alpha, a title which he declines to accept as he believes most people who claim to be an alpha of anything aren't worthy of the title and the number of people who have claimed it for themselves rather than earning it have rendered the term meaningless.

Since 2005, FuzzWolf has lived in Dallas, Texas and has coordinated events to see movies at local theatres as well as organizing movie nights at Nexxus' apartment which have been attended by up to 35 people and have had to be scaled back down due to exceeding the apartment's space capacity.


FuzzWolf is a former Were. While a part of the Were community, he was known as Howlie the Happy Werewolf. He attended several Howls and was active for some time on Alt.horror.werewolves. Gradually he realized that the Were community was not right for him, mostly due to most Weres being very serious about a spiritual aspect he no longer believed in. He created the FuzzWolf name in a few minutes in order to dip his toe into the furry fandom without rousing the ire of people he knew in the Were community.

After a short time, he retired the Howlie persona and moved to the furry fandom completely. After spending a few more years in an agnostic limbo, now FuzzWolf is fully comfortable with being an atheist and has founded the Atheist Furs community on LiveJournal.[9]


Fuzz is the founder of the Furry Spank Group and is one of three co-founders of Club Spank! on Second Life, though his participation in SL has dwindled to logging in on a monthly basis.

Other interests[edit]

FuzzWolf is an admitted huge geek for Doctor Who and founded the WhoFurs Yahoo! group for other furry fans of the show. He regularly watches the new episodes with a group of local furs. He is also a fan of most sci-fi in general.


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