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Author(s) Owner: whatthe

Developers: Alex, Cipher, Dawn, whatthe

Admins: poodule, JCViscera, Melari, Llwty, Mohave

Status Online
Launch date January 2019
Genre Social network
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FuzzSpot is a social networking platform that is heavily inspired by Tumblr and Twitter. It bills itself as "The frontage of the furry fandom", a reference to social network reddits slogan, a site which FuzzSpot draws large amounts of inspiration from.

Currently the website is being reworked to allow user to dive even deeper into sea of fuzzy content.

The platform places emphasis on ease of use and content discovery.

Experimental features[edit]

The platform makes use of some experimental technologies with the aim to create a safer environment for its users. The two most important of these technologies are:

Image recognition[edit]

Using an Image Recognition and Classifier program created in Tensorflow, the website is able to automatically flag and take down content. It is also able to recognize the rating of images ( not safe for work, safe for work ) and set the post rating accordingly.

Sentiment analysis[edit]

Sentiment analysis refers to the use of natural language processing and text analysis to systematically identify and classify the emotion held in a piece of text. FuzzSpot uses this technology to remove spam and content that may have a negative effect on its users, including hate speech and text that incites violence.

More of experimental technologies are being used while new site is developed, once its published. The full list will be avaliable.

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