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Futrzakon (edit)
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Futrzakon 2008 was the initial run of the Polish convention Futrzakon, which took place from 26-28 September 2008 in Dzierżązna (in Polish), close to the city of Łódź. There were 37 attendees to the convention, all Polish nationals. Included in the con agenda were events such as a large bonfire, a movie-making workshop, an art competition, LARPs, RPG sessions, a volleyball tournament and many other events.

During the second evening of the convention, a charity auction took place to raise money for the WWF's "Save the European Lynx" fund. Congoers were to bring furry-related items from home that they could afford to part with and put them up for sale. The winning pieces of the art competition were also sold, alongside some commission slots from artists. The auction raised 1380 PLN in total (approx. $430 USD or £280 GBP) and was donated for pixels on the Support the Lynx: Buy a Pixel website.


The main organizers of the convention were Ryan and Kudłaty. The t-shirts and other technical support was provided by Leniwiec. Various events on the agenda were prepared by Kyubi, Edi, Q-nik, Garou, LV and Solon.