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Alex Osaki uses a Furry Survey to compile information on people in the furry fandom.

The Furvey (a portmanteau from "furry" and "survey") is a detailed personal questionnaire that originated on the Usenet newsgroup alt.lifestyle.furry, first appearing not long after the group was founded in 1996. The original purpose of the Furvey was to find correlations in furry behavior and interests[1], but it became a way for newbies to delurk/introduce themselves for the first time.

Locandez originated the furvey concept and wrote most of the original questions, with input from Lynx Meerkat, Tim Gadd, Tirran, and FoxWolfie Galen.[1] Locandez maintained the furvey through version 3.5 and hosted it on on his site Lotcaf until July, 2000. In February, 2001, ziramax, assisted by Valryn Timberwolf, took over the maintenance and distribution and moved the Furvey to the official site of furvey.org[2]. In late 2001, aMoose translated the furvey into German. In 2002, the furvey was moved to Geocities, where it was not subsequently updated.

The Thervey is the therianthropy version of the furvey, and can currently only be found by web searching old posts of alt.lifestyle.furry. The Furvey was the basis for the Thervey and contains many similar questions, but the Thervey has a more spiritual bent. It was written and maintained by Arden Scentaurr. It has not been updated since 2001.


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