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Furverts was an adult furry art website hosting furry art of all quality levels. Its sister site, Yiffit, was a quality-controlled host of adult art. Both were based on the same codebase as ArtSpots, though they were run by different people.

Age verification was required to view this site.


The site went dark after a server move caused trouble, eventually resulting in the domain expiring and the site shutting down for good.[1] At its height it hosted along with Yiffit approximately 20,000 submissions.


Inaki held a poll to determine the species of mascot for the site.[2] The votes were tallied and Inaki declared the site would have 6 mascots instead of just one. The mascots declared were an eastern dragon, a ferret, a hyena, a phoenix, a rabbit and a skunk.[3]

At some point it was decided that those 6 characters would be a cast for the site (and for Yiffit) instead of mascots.[4]


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