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Furvert the Drooling Fancritter with his creation Le Petite Artiste.
Furvert, a bipedal fox, was a long time resident of FurryMUCK. Originally created as a one-time gag, he became something of a satirical centerpiece by poking gentle fun at the foibles of the fandom through his representational persona of a stereotypical fox character as played by a stereotypical fan. Perhaps the height of this lampoon was his creation, Le Petite Artiste, a teddy bear prop loosely styled after the acerbic personality of Paul C├ęzanne; a pull-string would prompt the bear to voice from an ever growing list of random sayings such as "That's it! I quit the fandom!" "Quality is in the cashflow," and "Are you a fan? Pay me, pay me!"

Furvert was usually described rather simply as a mottled greyish digitigrade fox standing a little under five feet, and wearing only tan slacks, an official FurryMUCK t-shirt, and glasses. His coat markings were that of a pearl fox, but with green eyes and a black-tipped tail, and his scent property was always "Too many cons, too few showers." Over the years he gained a few extra morphs based on the same general appearance, ranging from a large foxtaur to non-morph, but these were mostly for sporadic, short-term roleplay. A very few lucky bastards were fortunate enough to have borne witness to his nude morph, an extensive, lovingly detailed power description which concluded with "Oh yeah, there's a fox attached."

After some twelve years existence he finally succumbed to an idle purge while his player was distracted by real life, but his legacy lives on in The Studio de l'Artiste, a muck gathering space for artists created by Lynx and inspired by Furvert's creation.