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This article is about the term. There was also a FurryMUCK character called Furvert.

A furvert, a portmanteau of the words fur and pervert, is a Furspeech term for someone who is sexually aroused by erotic furry artwork, stories, or similar media.

The term was coined in the earliest days of furry fandom. Nowadays, the term is often used with humorous or ironic intent by furries themselves, but has much more negative connotations outside of the fandom.


The earliest known regular usage of the term was in reference to the first open-membership furry amateur press association magazine, FurVersion, which first published in May of 1987.

Karl Maurer, the magazine's publisher, is credited with starting the ongoing practice of using puns involving the word "fur" to indicate Furry activities (e.g., a comic called Furrlough, a convention called ConFurence, and so on.)

Alternate definition[edit]

The Furry Dictionary lists furvert as "One who enjoys furry erotica", a defintion provided by Barry Gold in October 2000.[1]


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