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ER is a serial television drama by NBC covering the emergency room of a fictitious teaching hospital in Chicago, Illinois. One episode (Fear of Commitment, Episode 155, Written by R. Scott Gemmill, Directed by Anthony Edwards, first broadcast 4 May 2001) includes a pair of fursuiters (an opossum and a kangaroo) who have been in a fight - the opossum bit the kangaroo after the kangaroo punched the opossum for putting his hand in his pouch.

The kangaroo explained that the fursuiters were at the Furturama show, a fictional convention for furries. He also explained that he reacted in the way he did because he was "not into that weird stuff", which of course led to him explaining what that weird stuff was - "Furverts like to wear their suits during sex, and plushies are . . . overly fond of stuffed animals."

The kangaroo had gotten into the fandom through acting at a party. He extolled the positive benefits of fursuiting while being sutured - "Some people still disapprove and think it's wrong, but the truth is, I'm never happier than when I'm a kangaroo." Meanwhile, the opossum (who had been faking injury, although he wasn't fooling anyone) steals Dr. Weaver's pawpet, Mr. Whiskers, and she later finds him masturbating with it under the blankets. After she catches them, Possum makes a cat noise pretending to be Mr. Whiskers.

While this was not exactly the best representation of the fandom, both positive and negative sides were portrayed. As Dr. Cat said:

"So what's the problem we're going to have because of this tv show again? Oh, some people will think we're weirdo perverts? Well that'll be new, I don't think any of us have any preparation in how to deal with that totally novel and unexpected reaction."

The main purpose of the furry segments appeared to be comic relief for the rest of the episode, particularly the mental competency hearing for Abby Lockhart's suicidal mother.


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