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There is a similarly-named biannual campout/convention called Furthest North.

The Furthest North Crew (FNC) was a non-profit, Canadian-based, quarterly amateur press association (APA), published each March, June, September, and December, devoted to the subject of anthropomorphics. Although FNC was the first Canadian-based furry APA, it included members from all over the world.

Started by Growl in the spring of 1992, he transferred administrative duties after a few years due to time constraints, then full editorial power after issue 12, to a duo of members, always based in Canada. First "Sasta" (John Boulton) and most recently "Jenora" (Bryan Feir) have been Production Managers, and Niall "Serval" MacConaill) has been Treasurer.

FNC celebrated 86 issues and 21 years of activity in September 2013, and persisted to its 100th issue (either March 2017, or a later date), although as of 2022 it appears to be moribund or defunct. Membership was capped at 40 people, which was attained for many years and routinely produced, in the late 90s, mailings of over 300 pages. Mailings since 2004 averaged between 100 and 200 pages, and since 2010 about 100 pages, depending on the participation rate of the active membership.

A number of known names from the fandom such as Genesis Whitmore, Max BlackRabbit, JackRabbitson, and Fred Patten were members of this APA. A full list of current members was available on their web site.

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