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Further Confusion staff
Further Confusion guests of honor

Further Confusion 2002 was a furry convention, the fourth annual Further Confusion. It was held from January 24 to 27 at the Marriott Hotel in San Mateo, California.

The back of the Further Confusion 2002 t-shirt. The front has a small Further Confusion University logo.

The sponsored charities were Tiger Touch and the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

Further Confusion University Staff[edit]

Executive staff[2][edit]

  • Chancellor: Leon Horne (MitRa)
  • Vice Chancellor: LaDonne Lynn (Shea)
  • Dean of Emeritus Relations: David Cooksey (Flint Otterhall)
  • Dean of Public Relations: Lee Strom (Chairo)
  • Assistant to the Chancellor: Jeremy Doran (Frysco)
  • Coordinator of Administrative Policy: Dasha Ariel Clancey (Tigris Euphrates)
  • Provost: Peter Torkelson (Whitefire)
  • Dean of Housing: Sara Elsbernd
  • Housing Technical Staff: Joshua Kessler
  • Director of Technology: Norman Aronsen (Tib)
    • Associate Director of Technology: Chris Frederick (Keepiru)
  • Internet Janitor: Michael Graff (Skandragon)


The "Academics" were Writing & Literature, Art & Graphic Design, Costuming & Performance Arts, the Winter Masquerade, and Science. In the Extracurricular Activities were Social Events, Dances, and Tournaments, including Iron Artist and a Rapid Fiction Writing Contest.[2]


The Further Confusion 2002 Program Book[2] is 48 pages, printed in black and white, with the last three pages marked for Autographs & Sketches. The color front and back covers by Kevin Palivec. There is interior art by Higgins Dragon, Dustmeat, Nick McRae, Philip Burgess, Shannon Stuart, Teresa Warner, and W. Michael Dooley.

The stories printed in the conbook are an excerpt from Kiln People by David Brin, "Commutation and Divergence" by Jeff Kephart, "Parable of the Hunted" by Dasha Ariel Clancey, and "The New Kicker" by Richard DeNovo.

Artist Passport[edit]

Front cover of the Artist Passport.

The Artist Passport is a booklet which was available at Further Confusion 2002. 9 cm by 12.5 cm tall, it has a brown card cover with an image by Diana Harlan Stein, and white pages. Each page is printed with an artist name and website address. The artists are: Heather Bruton, Frank Gembeck Jr, Dark Natasha, Joyce Norton, Terrie Smith, Diana Harlan Stein, Susan Van Camp, Sandy Schreiber, Sara Palmer, Marci McAdams, Michele Light (misprinted as Michelle Light).


Anthropomorphic Arts and Education, Inc. received $90832 in revenue, of which $75357 was from admissions and $15475 was from donations.

Source: Anthropomorphic Arts and Education, Inc. form 990 (2002-3), p9 (description) from Foundation Center


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