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FursuitTV was an online broadcast, lead by Timduru, dedicated to the spreading of old and new fursuit-themed videos for the enjoyment of fans. It first aired on Saturday, March 4th, 2006; the 96th and "final" episode streamed on April 5th, 2014. Material included commercials, videos of furry conventions, and other media appearances where fursuits are shown. The source was often referenced at the start of the clip by a caption.

The program was broadcast in the form of a webcast, accessible from the streams section of the show's website. The site also listed the date and time of the initial broadcast, after which the program repeated itself several times until the next day. New episodes were broadcast on the night of the first Saturday of each month, and were made available for download from an archive a few days later.


Music played a major part of the broadcasts. Episodes 1, 2, and 3 featured the song My Eyes Are Dry by Scooter as the introduction song; episodes since have featured a fully instrumental introduction. Episodes ended with a montage of various video clips set to the song Ecstasy by ATB. In addition to plentiful clips of music videos and dances at conventions, some clips had songs played as background music.


During the live broadcast, watchers could be found on the #FursuitTV IRC channel on the Anthrochat network. The channel was run by Timduru (and formerly by Num8), mostly during the first two showings of the show.

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