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Fursuiter.NET was a community website for fursuiters, focusing on photo sharing with support for galleries, but with the intention to provide multiple character profiles per account, fursuit builder profiles, trading, group and event pages, community resources, and a forum.[1]

Development by Jacktail started on 4 May 2014, and as of June that year the site was being developed by "a small group of developers, ranging from college students to IT technicians at Microsoft". They planned to have a beta release of the site opening before 2015, with most of the main site features available, but the site actually went live at the end of October 2015,[2] with a forum shortly afterwards. Although the site amassed over 2,200 photos from more than 480 users as of mid-November 2016,[3] and attempts were made to promote it at meets and conventions, uptake never quite met the expectations of its developers, and it was shut down in March 2017.[4]

The project never really took off and the support for it was not enough to warrant keeping the server, domain and other costly services running for the few people who used the site.

Fursuiter.net had the potential to be something but I feel that it was a few years to late for the community.

What I mean by that is if the site was around a few years prior to when it was created, it would have gotten a lot more attention as there was quite the need for it. Over the last few years people have spread over the internet onto FaceBook, Twitter and other social media instead of dedicated sites (like we still see with the Furry community and communities like it). Because of this spread it is hard to get people to change what they are use to and to join another site as these other social networks are so well established even if they are not perfect or really suited for the community.


The site did not allow "adult or pornographic" content, nor content uploaded without permission.[5]


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