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A fursuit handler is a person who assists fursuiters in either of the roles described below.

Fursuit spotter[edit]

A fursuit spotter, also known as a fursuit lackey, is a person who acts as a helper to an individual costumed character or fursuiter. The handler helps the performer walk around, navigate through crowds and obstacles, makes sure they look their best, and is generally a helper that the fursuiter can find if they require assistance. They also monitor the behavior of others who may wish to approach the fursuiter, and instructs them or intervenes when necessary.

Fursuit wrangler[edit]

A fursuit wrangler is a person who directs or otherwise assists a larger number of fursuiters in an event such as a fursuit parade, group photo, or fursuit games. While their primary role is to aid in the smooth operation of the event, they may assist individual fursuiters as needed in the same manner as a fursuit spotter.

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