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Furry BlackLight
Furry BlackLight logo
Location France
Status Ongoing
First iteration January 19, 2013
Subject Convention
Resources Photos, videos, reports: Furry BlackLight resources

Furry BlackLight (previously Fursuit BlackLight) is a French furry convention which takes place near Paris.

Both English and French are spoken at the convention, which features such activities as a Dealers Den, fursuit games, and several lounges for fursuits, artists and gamers. Since 2017, attendees can also win a partial fursuit made by Brek Wolf.


The "FursuitBlackLight" was created by Furnace as a day of activities and to welcome Hai, visiting France. The success of this event led it to become a convention and is now called "FurryBlackLight" to encourage everyone to spend time together, even without fursuit.

Year Dates Attendees Fursuiters Venue Theme
2013 Jan 19 17 - Universal Circuit, Maurepas, France -
2014 Jan 19 27 - Universal Circuit, Maurepas, France "Revenge"
2014 Nov 1 - Nov 2 34 14 Premiere Classe, Maurepas, France "Level 3"
2015 Oct 31 - Nov 1 66 28 Premiere Classe, Maurepas, France "4 Play"
2016 Oct 29 - Oct 31 89 41 Premiere Classe, Maurepas, France "Give me five!"
2017 Oct 27 - Oct 29 150 64 Mercure, Maurepas, France -
2018 Nov 1 - Nov 4 265 110 Mercure, Maurepas, France -
2019 Oct 31 - Nov 3 317 129 Hyatt Paris Charles de Gaulle, Roissy en France, France "Alchemy and Black Magic"
2021 Oct 29 - Nov 1  ?  ? Hyatt Paris Charles de Gaulle, Roissy en France, France "Space Travel"


The first FBL was a one-day Laser Quest and indoor Mini-Golf fursuit event that took place on January 19th at the Universal Circuit[1]. A total of 17 people took part in honor of Hai, a German fur. [2]


In 2014, the FBL took place twice:

The second edition was at the Universal Circuit of Maurepas on January 19th in an event titled "Revenge", with 27 people attending.[3]

FBL 3 was extended to a two-day event, dates have been changed to coincide with Halloween weekend and All Saints (1-2 November) and it was the first edition to take place in a hotel, the Hotel Premiere Classe.[4] The theme was "Level 3". It had a total of 34 registered attendees, including 14 fursuiters.


FBL 4 took place on October 31 - November 1[5], and had 66 registered attendees including 28 fursuiters. The theme was "4 Play" and added bowling and video game activities.


FBL 5 was extended to a three-days event (October 29-31), as was the first to have a dance night.[6] A total of 89 attendees had registered with 41 Fursuiters.[7] The convention was titled: "Give Me Five!".


FBL 6 (October 27-29[8]) was the first to take place at the Mercure hotel in Maurepas, as well as the first to include a Fursuit Lounge, managed by Orthank and several other rooms directly into the hotel, including a Main Stage.


This year, to encourage non-fursuit participants to join the convention, the name is changed to "Furry BlackLight"[9]. The event was also extended to a four-days event and took place on November 1-4, 2018[10], in the Mercure Hotel in Maurepas. A special menu was organized with the hotel, and was a great success, which provoked long waits in the dining room, because the hotel teams did not expect it.


FBL 8 "Alchemy and Black Magic" took place on October 31-November 3, in a new hotel: the Hyatt Regency Paris Charles de Gaulle next to Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport.[11] Following this change of venue, the outdoor activities are removed in favor of new events, the return of a theme, a mermaid panel at the pool, games over several days, riddles, ... A total of 317 attendees registered from 9 different countries, including 129 fursuiters and 55 artists.


No physical event this year due to the COVID-19 epidemic. A virtual dealers den was proposed on Discord on October 30 and 31, 2020.


FBL 9 "Space Travel" will be held from October 29 to November 1, 2021.


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