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This is a list of all the fursuit makers that are believed to taking commissions, along with a link to the web page that makes us believe they are currently taking commissions. You should of course, examine their work and reputation, and contact them directly to discuss details/timeframe.

Fursuit makers[edit]

If they still seem to be in business, but not actively taking commissions, I have changed those to strikeout.

Note: There are many other costumers who just make paws or tails. All of the costumers on this list are reported to at least commission fursuit heads.

Possibly inactive (currently only proposal)[edit]

If there isn't any sign of them completing fursuit commissions within the past two years, I propose indicating this somehow, to keep the list relevant. Probably move them to this section, but could also be commented-out, or marked somehow.


If you would like to be removed from the list of fursuit makers open for commissions:

  1. Update the web page that is listed beside your name to say that you are no longer taking commissions or take down the page.
  2. Edit this page to remove your name. If you remove your name from this list but leaving an external page offering commissions, people might wonder if a competitor is removing you.

If you would like to be added to the list of fursuit makers open for commissions:

  1. (optional) Create a profile page on WikiFur if one does not exist already.
  2. Add [[Category:Fursuit makers]] or [[Category:Fursuit studios]] to the bottom of that page if it isn't there already.
  3. Make sure there is an external web page that can be linked to that shows that you are open for commissions. Even a LiveJournal, etc. post should be good enough.
  4. Add a link to your WikiFur profile and external page like the entries above.