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Fursuitru logo.png
Author(s) Administrators: Steele IceHeart, Skip, akalji
  • Site Founder: Steele IceHeart
Status active
Launch date 26 November 2008 - Present
End date Ongoing
Genre Fursuiting website an forum

Fursuit.ru is a first russian website about fursuiting, created by Steele Iceheart with support of Skip . Site is hosted by adgth.ru.

The main theme of the site - fursuting and everything connected with it. Total site has about 30 pages, where you can find useful information about the types of fursuits, construction, care for them, the process of creation, the furry philosophy, etc.

Of particular interest is the section "How do I sewed my fursuit" with photos and descriptions of the entire process of creating a fursuit. This is one of the first russian-language books about self-creation fursuit of foam and fur that are written with entirely accessible and understandable language. The reason for creating this section was the fact that among the Russian furries, fursuting was not very popular, including those due to lack of teaching materials. The site was created precisely in order to give all interested persons that knowledge. At the writing of guidance section of web site it took several months, during which there were several hundred photographs, selected the top 210 and added to them a detailed description - and emerged a textbook that for the time the site was visited by several thousand people from all over the former Soviet Union and foreign countries.