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Furstralia logo circa 2016Feb.png
Author(s) Zwabbe, Marcwolf
Launch date December 19, 2006
Genre Website
Furstralia logo (circa 2014 Dec to 2015 April).

Furstralia is a forum for Australian Furries as well as any other furries or non-furries who are interested in Australia and its furry community. It is the longest running on-line community of Australian furries in existence.


Started in 2006 by Zwabbe, Furstralia was part of a site by the same name which also offered an art gallery, web-hosting and a database of links.[1] In October 2007, the forums for SAFurs.org were closed and many of its members migrated to Furstralia. In 2009 the main site was closed due to time constraints on its founder and the links and gallery were incorporated into the forums. In October 2013 Zwabbe officially stepped down as administrator, passing the reins to Marcwolf who had bought the site, however Zwabbe stayed on as a moderator on the forums until July 2015.[2] In July 2015 Furrhan Blackwood joined the team as an administrator and has been working to revamp the forums.[3] As of August 2015 work is currently ongoing however the forums are still accessible to all users and new users are encouraged to register.


Furstralia has dedicated subforums for individual states in Australia to assist with the organisation of small local meets as well as individual subforums for the largest annual furmeets and conventions in Australia. Furstralia also has many subforums with a range of purposes including encouraging furry discussion, a gallery for sharing artwork, stories, music and videos, a forum for discussing all things related to gaming, a marketplace providing an opportunity for users to buy, sell and commission things, and a forum for being silly, playing games and having fun. Furstralia also has a dedicated adults forum which allows discussion of adult topics and sharing of adult media whilst keeping the rest of the forums family-friendly. In compliance with Australian law this is visible only to those users who are over 18 years of age who are in the "Registered Adults" user group, however all users who are of age are welcome to apply join that group via their user control panel. To protect the privacy and personal details of the users of Furstralia, the Marketplace and Furs By State forums are only accessible to registered users.

As of February 2019, the forums have over 50,000 members, over 235,000 posts and more than 73,000 topics.


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