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The Furspiracy, also known as the Furluminati or Furry Illuminati (coined in 2005,) is one of a handful of fake terms attributed to the furry fandom, and actually coined by anti-furry groups and/or members.

The group and its "goals"[edit]

The "Furspiracy" term, describes or portrays a mythical "secret" furry organization, whose leaders goals is to spread the fandom's propaganda, lies and misinformation about this culture to the various open content, historical data collection sites and periodicals around the world, like Wikipedia.

They also prevent or remove "verifiable sources" entered in such sites from giving the "truth" about furries. They are also "accused" of being associated with the (also mythical) Otherkin Conspiracy[1]. This is not to be confused with the Elitist Otherkin Conspiracy, nor with the (long defunct) Secret Elven Cabal.[2]

Current use[edit]

The term was co-opted in September 2010 by the site LOLfurries, as a name for their newly established forum, and is also used to describe the "People" section of the Encyclopedia Dramatica (.se).


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