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Author(s) Owners: Xiath, Zaaz (Pre-episode 25)
  • Host Xiath (Episodes 26 to present),

Zaaz (Episodes 1-25)

Status Generally the 1st and 15th of the month
Launch date 4 Feb. 2009
End date Ongoing
Genre Podcast
Web 14
Normally in the PG area with minor slips into WEB14

FursonaPod is a monthly podcast, releasing at the start of every month and is hosted by Xiath, Rainstar, and Zaaz. Based in Arizona, United States and started in 2009 by Zaaz, FursonaPod's goal is to present and discuss topics relating to furry fandom in a PG to possibly WEB-14 format. Each episode is focused around a single, furry fandom-related topic. Other show segments include guest introductions, the Fur Affinity Five, and Listener Mail.


Hosts and writers of FursonaPod include, but are not limited to, Xiath, Zaaz, Rainstar, Losa, Moji, Zaaz, Yazuu, and Shanerous Lorenthien.

Guests occasionally appear on the podcast on various episodes to partake in discussions.

Show Segments[edit]

1. Show and Host Introductions Sometimes, the show starts candidly mid-conversation between the hosts/guests before the podcast has actually been announced as starting to be recorded.

2. A/S/L and Guest Info On occasions when joined by a guest, they are requested to give their Age, Species, and Location and sometimes a brief history on how they got into furry fandom.

3. Fur Affinity Five The first five thread titles and their authors are read and discussed in the order that they appear, not including sticky topics, from Fur Affinity's The Den forum at the time of recording.

4. Super Delicious Awesome Web Comic-ku! Each cast a web comic is selected to spotlight. A synopsis about the artist and the comic is presented and the comic is linked to from the podcast's blog post.

This segment seems to have fallen out of the podcast's regular schedule and is no longer a part of the podcast.

5. Furry Meets and Conventions Upcoming organized furry events that listeners of FursonaPod are excited about are presented and information about them is given for other listeners who may be interested in attending.

6. Listener Mail Email, thread comments, and private messages received since last podcast are read and discussed.

7. Artist of the Cast Suggested artists, from visual to audible to literary and all that's in between, are discussed by the partakers of the podcast. Featured artists are suggested by listeners through listener mail. This segment is meant to showcase the lesser-known artists in the fandom and is not a contest of any kind.

8. Main Topic The main topic, which is related to some aspect of the furry fandom, is given and discussed.

FursonaPod 3.0[edit]

In August of 2012, the current hosts of the podcast, Rainstar and Xiath executed a revamp, revisiting the structure and flow and reviving various segments such as the Furry Meets and Conventions and Artist of the Cast. The kick-off episode of FursonaPod 3.0 was released November 1st, 2012 entitled "FursonaPod 3.0 Ep 1 - Species" through the revised Fursonapod website and new iTunes account, named "FursonaPod." The new iTunes account features mostly all of the episodes in FursonaPod history, spanning FursonaPod 1.0 with Zaaz as host to the current FursonaPod 3.0. The old iTunes account was named "FURSONAPOD.COM" and still includes the episodes up to the announcement of the site change and the unveiling of FursonaPod 3.0. FursonaPod 3.0 releases on a monthly basis, postings of new episodes at the start of each month as opposed to the sporadic release of episodes pre-3.0.

FursonaPod 3.0 now has 2 distinctive, major sections, the first consisting of announcements, listener mail, the Fur Affinity Five, and other segments; the second section focusing solely on the topic of the episode. FursonaPod 3.0 also sees the launch of merchandising through CafePress to help fund maintenance, website hosting, and production of the podcast.

FursonaPod 2.0[edit]

On the 13 of August of 2010, FursonaPod posted an episode titled "Fursonapod Ep25 - The End" Which was originally supposed to be the final episode of FursonaPod. However, Zaaz, Who was the owner at the time, offered the cast to anyone who wanted it. In response to the offer, 18 year old Xiath located in Arizona took the offer and reigns of the podcast. From episode 26 to present, the podcast has been jokingly called "FursonaPod 2.0". Because of this, episodes 1-25 have been jokingly called "FursonaPod 1.0".

Negative Episodes[edit]

Episodes that have a negative "-" sign before the episode numbers are outtake episodes called "Negative Episodes". This episodes are either full episodes that the cast deemed un-worthy to be posted as a normal episode, or are outtake reels/behind the scenes reels.

F.P. Behind the Scenes[edit]

F.P. Behind the Scenes is a series of short clips posted on Furaffinity that show short, generally humorous moments that did not make it onto the cast. These short clips generally occur minutes before, or after a proper episode of FusonaPod is recorded.

FursonaPod LIVE[edit]

On February 4th of 2011 FursonaPod took the leap into the world of livestreaming by livestreaming episode 31. It is speculated that every episode from episode 31 on will be streamed live. Current plans are to stream an episode live, and then a few days later have an edited version posted on the mainsite in a MP3 audio format.

The tentative schedule for livestreams is every first and third Friday of the month at around 11-12 P.M. EST.

Despite these ambitions, due to complications arising through the ensuing chaos of the first livestream attempt, the hosts have decided to produce all following episodes pre-recorded with a selected cast, seemingly having abandoned the idea.

That Episode is a Lie![edit]

Episode 31 was never released in an MP3 format because Xiath forgot to make sure that CallBurner (the Skype call recording device used on FursonaPod) was recording the call. This was because he was so focused on trying to make sure that everything was ready for the first livestream of fursonapod history.

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