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"Where the final frontier is blown away"
Server furscape.servegame.com, port 2001
Status Ongoing
Ran from/to June 1999[1] - present

Furscape is a role-playing MUCK that is set 200 years from today in an original science fiction universe. Few humans exist anymore and the Earth is uninhabitable. The population consists of recoms (post-humans engineered with animal genes) and a few alien species (including kirru and irbis) spread over the varied colonies. There is neither beam-me-up nor magical grav plating, but FTL jumpgates carry traders, tourists, and rogues between star systems.

The players are currently few in number but dedicated to balancing hard sci-fi with entertaining space opera.


  • Luna - A generally clean and orderly place with a tolerant culture and pleasantly low gravity
  • Mars - Political-military-industrial complex? Surely you're joking. We simply prefer to be prepared.
  • Mathilde - The asteroid's locals are a bit clannish and funny-looking, but they sure can do wonders with metal. Also... zero gravity!
  • Oceania - Respectable major university? Check. Tourism in the tropics and shiny undersea habitats? Check. Orbital Vegas? Check.
  • Annyrion - Two nations with a Libertarian streak, one with suburbs and rule of law, one with agriculture and the Wild West (or south, rather)
  • Planet Amazon - A habitable moon of mostly pristine wilderness... rather optimistically named
  • Jalan - No guns, taxes, or rules- a natural paradise. Unfortunately, in nature, one can get eaten.
  • Earth - The remaining combat nanites are getting lonely. They'd love for you to visit them...


  • Hagalaz - Headwizard, enforcer of reason, wiki writer
  • Zobeid - Headwizard, system operator, website operator, MUF coder, bill payer
  • Devik - Technology advisor
  • Flame - Building wizard, writer of news and current events
  • Tsye - Roleplay wizard and theme developer
  • Orion - General help, MPI
  • Abiri - Character creation helper, wiki fixes

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