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Furs For Good is a LiveJournal community maintained by Wayah and Tank.

From the profile:

Furs For Good
This LJ community is centered upon the belief that "Sex, Drugs, and Rock N' Roll" are not the only things furry has to offer. "Furs For Good" was created to highlight the charitable works and good deeds of individual furs as well the community as a whole. . . . This group is not a popularity contest, it intends to show how much good can be done if you are willing to get your paws dirty.
Furs For Good

Community content[edit]

Perodically, Wayah produces a newsletter which focuses on an individual or group which makes the world a better place. There are also discussions on causes, issues, and charitable organizations that have meaning to the members. Members can also set up local meets focusing on a particular cause.

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