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Furs Against "Furs" (FAF) was a European group similar in principle to the American Burned Furs movement. Based in the United Kingdom, the Furs Against Furs aimed to create a more socially acceptable subcategory of furry fan.


The Furs Against Furs was not a rigidly structured organisation, with internal politics kept to a minimum. The recognised founder was Niko. Co-founders include Pika and TR Wolf.


The Furs Against "Furs" had no specific plan, but the general feeling amongst the Furs Against Furs' members was a strong dislike of excessive sexual activity at furmeets, and what they saw as embarrassing fashion statements such as clip-on tails, collars, and fursuits in public view, as well as a disrespect for meet venues and property.


The Furs Against "Furs" made a point of highlighting those fandom members and groups within the UK furry community who they felt had attitudes of excessive public display, such as fursuiters and some artists.[citation needed] Following complaints by non-members and by the targets themselves that these actions were personal attacks, such activity has appeared to have ceased.[citation needed]

Following what they believed to be too few changes in attitudes or behaviour of the NorthernFurs or the meets, some FAF members chose[citation needed] to remove themselves from the main meets with the occurrence of FAF About Town, Furs Against Furs' own incarnation of the furmeets. These meets aimed to be more like NorthernFur meets were when they started, that is, a smaller group of attendees consisting of like-minded friends meeting up in a public area to socialise without any unnecessarily extravagant public display of being furry and doing more 'normal' activities. FAF never had anymore than two meets before internal politics tore it apart.[citation needed]


By the end, FAF's co-founders decided to disassociate themselves from the organization,[citation needed] with the fact that some members have caused the group to turn more anti-furry[citation needed] than trying to show any kind of example. Other members left following the change of views of the group as a whole. Forum activity has slowed to a crawl and their community LiveJournal, thefaf, has also been deleted.

The demise of FAF came shortly after Niko, the founder of FAF, turned against the cofounders, Pika and TR Wolf on the FAF forums. The reasons for this are still largely unknown, but many former FAF members believe Niko was trying to make himself look good in a thread started on the FAF forums by administrators of Crush Yiff Destroy.[citation needed]

Many ex-members of FAF have re-integrated themselves back into the furry fandom, others have totally disassociated themselves with any furry groups.

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