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furrystyle.com was a company that sold furry original art, prints and posters, conbadges, yiffy collector cards, buttons and stickers, convention supplies, but mostly zoophilic sexual toys, specifically animal-penis-shaped dildos until its acquisition by YiffyToys.de. Now it continues as a manufacturer only, with sales happening via dealers who choose to.

They started with a limited selection compared to its counterparts, but furrystyle's toys are made of hypoallergenic silicone.


The company was founded in Feb 2005 by Jangbu in the USA. It sold mostly sexual toys in the shape of animal penises but also a small collection of furry original art, prints and posters, conbadges, yiffy collector cards, buttons and stickers and convention supplies. The adult toys and collectors cards where resold in Europe by YiffyToys.de.

In 2011 the company was to be sold. Names, Molds, masters and stock where ultimately aquired by YiffyToys.de and the company continued as a manufacturer. The logo was since extended with the "a YiffyToys company" subtitle. Sale of the toys is not limited to YiffyToys but open to any dealer who choses to do so. The toys are since Made in Germany using newly developed machinery and a mix of existing and new molds. Collectors cards are no longer made but still sold and given away as free extra to custom toys.

In October 2012 the first new toy model was released. This signifies the continued active development of FurryStyle instead of a mere continuation of producing the already existing toys with the purchased molds and masters.

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