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This article is about the social news website. For the Russian magazine, see Furry News (Russia).

furryne.ws was a website intended to cover news of interest to furry fans, in a format similar to digg.com. The site ran for over four years before being abandoned.


  • May 2007 - Ash Cairo opens the site as Project Ferret (ferret.tixen.net) on Solei's Tixen.net servers.
  • July 2007 - Editorials (stand-alone news articles with no referring link needed) are now allowed, a select number of HTML tags can be used with article submissions, and flash video from sites such as YouTube can be embed within articles.
  • August 2007 - More HTML tags are available for use when submitting articles, and image uploading is now available so there's no need to use images from another host. Grayscale comes on board as lead coder.
  • September - October 2007? - furryne.ws feeds are available on Yiffy.TK, the FurFinder newsroom, and on DutchFurs.
  • November 2007 - furryne.ws becomes a member of the 2007 Recommended Anthropomorphics List published by the Ursa Major Awards (listed under "Recommended Anthropomorphic Miscellany")
  • December 2007 - January 2008 - The server that hosted tixen.net suffered a massive failure over the 2007 Christmas holiday weekend. Since then Solei moved her services to a new host and in the coming weeks furryne.ws was back up and running, but without a recent back-up available, it was decided to simply start things over from scratch using the latest Pligg code base at the time. Most of the site's functionality has been restored (image uploading still does not work due to lack of a working mod for the current Pligg code base.)
  • April 2008? - More categories have been added. Issues tracking and feature request system has been opened on Google Code.
  • February 2008? - The Featured Story mod returns as the Charity of the Month feature.
  • June 2008 - The article burying feature now carries more weight; The number of buries must be greater the the number of votes times 1.5 to be discarded automatically. Feeds from furryne.ws are available on FurNation and the MiFurs/Miwest Furries forums.
  • April 2011 - The site gets a facelift and new hosting from Bad Karma Networks.
  • September 2011 - New posts stop at the end of the month.
  • March 2012 - The site is redirected to Bad Karma Networks' home page.


doug, drawn by Cuprohastes

doug, a ferret equipped with a mining helmet and a pickaxe, was furryne.ws' mascot. His name is a play on the website that furryne.ws was modeled after, digg.com. doug is a homonym of dug, which is the past tense of dig.

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